Tucson Paternity and DNA Testing

From the Catalina Foothills we are proud to serve the Greater Phoenix Area, Tucson, and all of Arizona.

From the Catalina Foothills we are proud to serve the Greater Phoenix Area, Tucson, and all of Arizona.


We are proud to be a part of Arizona

Arizona is our home too! Many of the techs, professional customer service, and administration staff in both our local offices and those of our partners are local grads from Arizona State University, the Pima Medical Institute, even one of our co-founders is an alum from the U of A. Having such a deep local connection we like to give back to our community by providing easy access to top rated and AABB accredited DNA testing services with the lowest possible prices in the area.

Our people, partners, and laboratories are some of the most accredited, certified, and technologically advanced in the entire region (AABB, ISO, CAP, A2LA, and many more). We do not send your samples to other parts of the US or to other countries. We do all of our DNA and sample testing right here in the Southwestern region. Because we do our testing in our own home, we can offer the fastest turn around time in the industry of only 2-3 business days!

Our Home Paternity DNA Kits, as well as our Legal Paternity DNA Tests, are our most popular DNA tests. But Validity Genetics offers a wide range of DNA testing options available in both Home (Informational) and Legal (Court Admissible) versions, such as: Grandparent DNA, Aunt and Uncle DNA, Paternal Lineage, Infidelity Forensic Testing (we can help you find out if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating), Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP), and USCIS Immigration and VISA testing to name a few.

Click below for information on our most popular test, Paternity DNA Testing, or keep scrolling to see a complete listing of the DNA tests we offer.


Home Paternity DNA Tests from $169

Home DNA Testing

Our highly accredited testing options that you can do at home in three simple steps.

  • Order your Home DNA test online.

  • Once you receive your test, follow the easy to perform instructions, and mail your samples back to our lab in the prepaid envelope.

  • Get your results sent to you instantly by e-mail in as little as 3 business days!

 Legal DNA Testing

Accredited testing for Legal and Court ordered DNA Tests

Legal DNA tests require that everyone involved have their DNA collected by an impartial third party following a Chain of Custody. This can be done at facilities such as a medical office, health clinic, a hospital or by a collection agent trained under AABB guidelines.

After you place your order, a Validity Genetics representative will be in touch with you via your email or phone number (whichever you prefer) to help coordinate the sample collection process near your home or office, at a time convenient for you. We have a access to a network of thousands of sample collection sites across the United States and Canada and are sure to have one near you.

Click for more information on Legal DNA Testing

USCIS Immigration and U.S. VISA DNA Testing

See our US Immigration and VISA DNA testing page for more information.