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Our Vision

Determining truth through science, innovation, and vision.

Validity Genetics, along with our laboratory partners, is one of the leading and most highly accredited DNA genetic testing companies in North America.  We provide an array of DNA testing services for our clients, including: paternity, non-invasive prenatal (NIPP), family relationship, DNA forensics, and expert DNA witness services for legal matters.


We were founded on the beliefs that paternity and DNA testing should be accessible and affordable to everyone, no matter where or how they live their life.  Validity Genetics remains firmly committed to this vision; and today we are proud to work alongside nationally recognized hospitals, laboratories, law firms, courts, governmental and law enforcement agencies all across the country, and the everyday local clients who all trust the high quality DNA results we provide.


The Validity Advantage

People – Simplicity – Accuracy

People:  Validity Genetics is dedicated and committed to you.  To ensure we provide you with a high standard of quality we have a staff of highly trained, knowledgeable, and caring professionals on hand; with over a century of shared DNA and quality laboratory operations experience between them!  Our team of scientists, techs, medical and scientific PhD’s take the time to prepare, sequence, and analyze your DNA test so that you can trust in the accuracy of the paternity, family relationship, or forensic results.


Simplicity:  Our vision is to make public access to paternity and DNA testing simpler.  We believe the merging of data with technology should focus on being easy, painless, and private.  This is what has lead us to make purchasing of DNA paternity and family relationship tests more akin to an online shopping experience than to ordering a medical test from a doctor.  We are always open to new ideas on how to make this experience easier, more affordable, and more streamlined for you.


Accuracy:  In addition to the extensive accreditation and certifications of the testing laboratory (AABB, ISO 17025:2005, ISO 9001:2008, A2LA, CAP, and many more both nationally and internationally), Validity Genetics and our partners make use of custom, responsive, and agile laboratory management systems that incorporate the needs of our clients with the demands of lab operations to produce superior quality results with up to 99.999% accuracy.  We also utilize state of the art instruments and robotic laboratory equipment to adhere to the highly stringent and efficient internal handling guidelines we have set forth for all DNA samples received.  Our attention to detail is paramount while handling your family or paternity DNA testing information, earning us a trusted reputation among our clientele.


Questions are Always Welcome

Have a question about a test?  Want to know if insurance will cover your testing? Have you done a previous DNA test and want to know if it can be used as a comparison in a paternity or other DNA test? We welcome all questions related to paternity, family testing, forensics, or most anything about DNA in general. 

We know a thing or two about DNA because it’s what we do, it’s what we are passionate about

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