Legal Sibling DNA Testing

Court ordered sibling DNA testing.

Court ordered sibling DNA testing.

Verify your relationship with your family

A Legal Sibling DNA Test is used to determine whether two siblings share a parent when more direct methods such as a Paternity or Maternity DNA Test are not available.

The sibling DNA test uses statistical analysis to compare the DNA of potential siblings. This DNA test can have three possible conclusions: Full Sibling, Half-sibling, and Unrelated. These are based on percentages or sibling-ship indexes.

  • We always include the known parent in the testing process, especially when testing for legal reasons. Her DNA will speed up the testing process in our laboratory and increase the accuracy of the results.

  • Not including the known parent can lead to an inconclusive result.

  • If both siblings are male and are looking to discover if they share the same biological father we recommend a Legal Paternal Lineage Test, as it is more accurate.

Legal Sibling DNA tests require that everyone involved have their DNA collected by an impartial third party. This can be done at facilities such as a medical office, health clinic, a hospital; DNA samples can be collected by anyone who does not have a vested interest in the outcome of the tests.

Child Support, Adoption, Child Custody, Court Orders, and adding a name to a Birth Certificate are common reasons for a Legal SiblingDNA Test

*Immigration DNA Testing is a separate process than both Home and Legal DNA, both in approach and sample collection. For more information on Immigration DNA Testing see our US Immigration DNA Testing Page.

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Steps For A Legal Sibling Test


Order your DNA test like you would any other product online.  Fill in your name, email, phone, shipping address, and purchase with a credit card of your choice.  After you place your order a Validity Genetics representative will be in touch with you via your email or phone number (let us know how you would like to be contacted) within 24 hours to help coordinate the sample collection process near your home or office at a time convenient for you.


Show up to your scheduled DNA collection time at the collection station. Make sure to bring a federally recognized government ID, such as a drivers license, passport, or military ID. In the case of a child being tested, a valid certified birth certificate copy must be brought. You may also be required to have a picture taken by the collector (or elect to bring one with you). The collector will help you fill out the paperwork, sign, and certify that the collection has taken place according to legal standards.


After providing the sample at the collection site, the DNA test kit will be mailed in a secure and traceable package to our accredited home laboratory in El Paso, Texas.  The professional laboratory technicians will handle your genetic samples according to the exacting standards set forth by the AABB in preparing and processing the samples.  Testing will be complete within two business days, the results will be double checked and verified for 99.99% accuracy, and after being signed off by our PhD lab directors we will issue a legal document to you via your email.

Legal Sibling DNA Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

+ The Other Participant to be tested lives in a different city or state, can I still do the Test?

  • Yes! If any of the participants live at different addresses, different cities, or even in different states, we can coordinate sample collection for everyone involved.

    An extra charge will be applied for each separate collection.

+ I am not sure what DNA test is for me, can you help me decide?

  • Of course! Our team of DNA professionals are here to listen to your needs and help you decide on what is best for you. We have multiple ways for you to get a hold of us. Send us an email from our Contact Us page, chat with a specialist on our Facebook Page via Messenger, or give us a call!

    We also have a page with more legal DNA information.

  • This is one of the most asked questions from our clients. A Legal Sibling DNA Test starts at $299

    For informational testing see our Home Sibling DNA Testing page.


  • Validity Genetics has a quick industry leading turnaround time of only two to three business days for all of our home and legal DNA collection tests after recipt at the laboratory. We also have same day rush options available.


  • Our tests are performed in a fully CAP, A2LA, AABB accredited and ISO 17025/9001 certified laboratory. All of our paternity and DNA testing services follow strict and validated procedures for processing samples to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy. The testing process looks for 23 genetic markers ensuring you receive 99.99% accurate test results, making our legal paternity tests fully court admissible across the United States and Canada.