Refund Policy


A refund for products or service is at the sole discretion of Validity Genetic Services. While Validity Genetics honors case orders up to six months (simply contact us at if longer is needed) no refunds will be given without prior contact or after four weeks of placing an order. Each request for a refund will be handled individually and researched thoroughly to reach a satisfactory result.

In cases where a test must be completed no refunds can be offered if the test is performed and data and/or results are generated. In addition we do not refund or return any booking fees incurred by an outside third party or the Split Kit and Professional DNA Collection add-ons.

Beginning January 1st 2019 there will be a 15% ‘restocking fee’ placed on all requests for a refund.


While standard shipping is free no refunds are offered on any expedited shipping costs. All shipping options are outlined in our FAQ.

Destroyed samples

Any and all tests kits and samples mailed from inside the state of New York run the risk of being discarded and the information within destroyed per New York State Law.  These kits/samples/tests are not eligible for a refund. See more info on New York here.

Example of the refund breakdown

Total cost of testing - Shipping costs (on expedited shipping only) - Booking fees/Split Kit/Professional DNA Collection - 15% of total cost of testing = Amount eligible for refund.

Beginning the process

To begin the returns or refunds process on our products contact us at

Updated June-2019