How Accurate are Home Paternity Tests?

Home Paternity DNA Test Accuracy

Are Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

One of the most commonly asked questions our clients have when considering a Home Paternity DNA Test is whether the results will be accurate.  This is something we deeply understand as the results can have life changing implications and far reaching consequences for them and their family. 

Many over-the-counter DNA testing companies send their tests to unregulated labs or ship your DNA samples out of the U.S. for cheaper processing. Cheap testing most often means cheap testing methods and a loss of accuracy.

Don’t take a chance on what could be a life changing paternity test.

How Accurate is a Validity Genetics Home Paternity Test?

We do not cut corners when it comes to accuracy.  Using our own nationally recognized, ISO certified, and AABB accredited laboratory you can be assured that your home paternity test results are as accurate as they can be. 

No corner cutting and no outside groups handling your test or personal data.

Are At-Home Paternity Tests as Accurate as Legal Paternity Tests?

In almost all cases, yes!  We handle all of our DNA tests, both Home and Legal, in the same AABB accredited laboratory using the exact same processes, equipment, trained personnel, and safeguards.  While there is a difference in how a Home Paternity Test vs a Legal Paternity Test is collected and used, the accuracy of the results are done to the same high standards.

The largest problem concerning at-home DNA tests is not getting enough usable DNA to examine in our lab.  Making sure to follow all directions carefully and completely when collecting the samples is the best way to ensure accuracy for at-home paternity or relationship DNA testing.

To summarize:  Yes. Home paternity testing, when done correctly and all instructions are followed, is highly accurate.  Validity Genetics home DNA tests are done to the same standard as our legal DNA testing.  To further ensure the accuracy of your test and to protect your private data, all of our testing is done in America by our nationally recognized and accredited laboratory.

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