How to Prepare for DNA Testing

Getting a quality paternity test or DNA test is an intricate process that requires plenty of precision and care. The process involves planning and effort, and you should always be aware of the steps you need to make the process more efficient; both before, during, and after the test itself. So, before you place your order for DNA testing, make sure you take care of the following items, in order to get the best results from your DNA testing experience.

Find a Reputable Agency/Laboratory

Reputation is everything, and your DNA tests – and its subsequent results – may have a significant impact on the course of your family and future. Whether you need to find out the paternity of a child or prepare for the future of your family, it’s crucial that your DNA test gets done right the first time. Any agency/laboratory worthy of your patronage has quality equipment, extensive experience in a variety of DNA tests, the proper certifications, and all other necessary items to provide you the accurate DNA testing results. We at Validity Genetics are proud to say we have everything you need right here! We are backed up by an AABB certified laboratory using cutting edge hi-tech equipment producing industry leading accurate results!   

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Costs and Your Budget

Contact Us to ask about the cost of DNA testing. It’s crucial that you understand the cost of having a DNA test or Paternity Test done in addition to any further follow-up work that your situation may require. After pricing your DNA test, you can make plans to budget enough money to spend on all of your bills, belongings, and more.  In special circumstances we can work with you to ease the cost of testing.

Please note that DNA testing and Paternity testing is not currently covered by any US insurance plan. 

Gather the Necessary Paperwork

Some DNA testing, like most things these days, requires paperwork! Some tests are in response to a court order (so be sure to get the correct DNA test), and others need visa-related papers from the US Government (see our Immigration page). In addition all of our DNA tests will require some sort of official identification, such as a drivers license. Before you go to your appointment or fill out your consent forms, make sure that you have your pieces of identification, forms, and other relevant pieces you need to get the process started (Click Here to see more info).

Know Your Deadlines

Most DNA test results are quick with a two to three day results turnaround, while others take a few more days to generate results. While we have rush services available, it is best if you don’t wait until the last minute! You may have to contend with tight time frames or rushed deadlines, which can make the process of waiting for results all the more nerve wracking and frustrating for you. Be sure to know the time it will take, factor this it into your schedule, and keep the timelines in mind while scheduling a DNA test.

DNA testing can at first seem daunting or downright scary, but if you take the time to prepare for it, it’s a very quick simple thing. The experienced and professional team at Validity Genetics can quickly provide the insight into the DNA testing you need.

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