What is DNA and Genetic Testing

What is DNA and genetic testing?

DNA profiling used as a unique identifier was discovered in the 1980s. However, the genetic testing as we know it today was not developed until a decade later. 

The premise of DNA and genetic testing is centered on the fact that (other than identical twins) each person’s DNA is completely unique. 

This means that DNA can be used as human identification because of the unique STR loci that exist on autosomes and sex chromosomes within human DNA.

These chromosomes and STR loci can also be analyzed for forensic use and in legal proceedings. 

DNA as a unique identifier

Our DNA is constant and can’t be changed – unlike physical appearance which may change over time. A genetic identity can be used as a permanent identifier for every single individual on the planet.

Half of this unique set of information is passed down between parents and their children.  Thus enabling DNA to be used as a unique and reliable form of identification for paternity, siblings, and related parties.

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