Legal DNA Profile Test

Legal DNA Profile.jpeg
Legal DNA Profile.jpeg

Legal DNA Profile Test


Legal DNA Profile Test includes:

  • Easy to follow instructions,
  • 2 sterile buccal collection swabs per person,
  • Sample envelopes for each person involved,
  • Consent form (must be filled out and signed in full),
  • Prepaid return label to our laboratory.

To be considered legal this test must be shipped to and handled only by an uninterested and unrelated 3rd party. 

After ordering your kit you will be contacted by a representative to assist you in the process.  Please be prepared to provide an address for a 3rd party.

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Your DNA fingerprint is a unique DNA profile exclusive to you. No one else has or will have the same DNA makeup as you and is a unique and exclusive means of identification (except in the case of identical twins) .

Our DNA profiling standards meet and exceed both CODIS and European DNA profiling standards and can be used in the future for identification or other purposes.

For any DNA test to be considered Court Admissible it must be shipped to and handled only by an uninterested and unrelated 3rd party. This 3rd party will take responsibility for collecting the samples, verifying the identity of the participants, and returning the samples to our lab. This can be a lawyer, doctor, nurse, or someone with no interest in the results of the test. Detailed instructions can be seen here.

Our laboratory is fully AABB accredited and ISO certified and we test for 22 STR loci and gender ID markers to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of all DNA results.

Results will be ready in as little as 2 days after our lab has received the samples.

*We mail our testing kits in discreet unmarked envelopes and may not appear as pictured.

Please Note: Due to New York health regulations DNA samples cannot be collected and tests cannot be mailed from inside the State of New York. Click here for Details