Legal DNA and Genetic Testing

Our legal DNA tests are court admissible legal documents. 

Following a strict chain of custody during sample collection, stringent testing guidelines, and legal documentation, Validity Genetics' legal DNA test reports can be used in courts all across America.

Some of the most common reasons for requiring a legal DNA test:

  • Child Custody
  • Social Security
  • Court Order
  • Child Support
  • High Risk Jobs
  • Missing Persons
  • Immigration
  • Estate Settlement
  • Adoptions

All of Validity Genetics Legal Tests are AABB Accredited, Affordable, and Accurate!

What is AABB accreditation and what does it mean?

This certification is given to a very select few DNA laboratories that have undergone a highly intensive and rigorous inspection of their testing facilities and techniques to ensure all tests are done accurately and thoroughly with attention to detail.  It is an accreditation bestowed by the AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks) and all laboratories with the accreditation are subject to proficiency tests and bi-annual re-inspections. 

Facilities with the AABB accreditation are the only DNA testing laboratories acknowledged by the U.S. Government to perform legal court admissible DNA tests, as well as provide services for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Benefits with Validity Genetics:

  • Our lab is fully AABB accredited and ISO complaint. 
  • All lab casework is done to the highest quality - over and above the set legal standard.
  • We test for up to 22STR loci - far and above the 13STR used in the CODIS database and some labs.
  • You receive results in as little as two days from receipt at laboratory.
  • All our tests, and the results, are completely confidential.
Legal court admissible DNA testing


How can legal DNA testing be used?

Legal DNA testing may be needed in cases involving: 

  • Family law

  • Social security

  • Military benefits

  • Adoption

  • Estate planning

  • …and more

Do I need to go into a lab for sample collection?

No!  Collection does not need to take place in a laboratory or clinical setting. 

It can happen at home, work, church, or at your family doctor's office.

However, there are strict chain-of-custody rules that need to be followed to ensure the results can be considered legal.

We recommend using one of the Professional Sample Collectors in our nationwide network for best results.  Call us before ordering and we can find one near you! Or add to your basket and a representative will call you after checkout to set up an appointment!

Special Guidelines and Chain of Custody for Legal DNA Tests

Special Note: This section outlines the special steps and care that must be taken to ensure your test is Legal and acceptable in court.  Any overlooked procedures, steps, or errors in collection can lead to your test being no longer legally binding and invalidated in court.

*Test fees will not be refunded if these chain-of-custody rules are violated or overlooked in anyway.

How do I collect samples for legal court admissible DNA testing?

Our test kits contain oral buccal swabs. These need only to be rubbed against the inside of a persons mouth for 15 seconds to gather enough DNA for the test.

To be considered court admissible our test kits cannot be done by a participant in the test itself or a relative of any of the people participating. It is highly recommended that all legal kits be mailed to the independant collector and not a participant in the test. All legal kits must be witnessed and signed by a third party who has no interest in the test outcome.

Many legal cases involving our DNA test kits are ordered by attorneys of a law firm representing the clients involved - especially when participants in DNA testing may be hostile toward one another. A lawyer of a law firm may act as a third party, or one can contract an outside laboratory or doctor’s office to collect samples from all involved. 

We recommend contacting us for additional info on this process, before or immediately after ordering.

What are the requirements and guidelines for court admissible DNA tests?

Validity Genetics legal test kits cannot be completed by a participant. The tests must be administered by an unrelated third party who will handle the sample collection, verification, packaging, and shipping. 

This third party can be a lawyer, neighbor, family doctor/nurse, co-worker, pastor, anyone who does not stand to benefit directly from the outcome of the legal case and is willing to sign to that effect.

Participants in the test should NOT allowed to open or handle anything in the DNA testing kit, even if the participant paid for or ordered the kit. A participant handling the kit may invalidate the results in a court of law.


We recommend using one of the Professional Sample Collectors in our nationwide network for best results.  Call us before ordering and we can find one near you! Or add to your basket and a representative will call you after checkout to set up an appointment!

How is identity verified?

To check and verify identities, photo ID copies are required of all parties involved and must be recorded by the third party witness to the sample collection. 

Additionally, with the photocopies, one or both of the following must occur:

  • The photo ID must be photocopied, signed, and dated by the participant at the time of collection. The photocopy of participants ID must be readable and included in the returned samples to the lab.

  • A picture should be taken at the time the sample is collected. If no camera is available at the collection site, the participants must bring a recent photo to the collection site. Participants must also sign and date the back in the presence of the third party witness.

Further instructions include:

  • The third party must ensure all participants fill out and sign consent form.

  • The third party must sign and attest that all parties are who they say they are.

  • The third party must ensure proper labeling and packaging of samples (sample envelopes information fields filled out and sealed to prevent tampering).

  • The third party will mail all participants’ samples, consent forms, and copies of participant photo IDs or photos (signed and dated) by traceable courier service (USPS First Class, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) in a sealed tamper evident bag or envelope directly to the Lab.

Special Note: Failure to include everything indicated or follow these guidelines may lead to the invalidation of the results and destruction of the samples. Test fees will not be refunded if these chain-of-custody rules are violated.

*Up-to-date instructions will be sent with each legal kit

We offer both the highest privacy and accuracy for your DNA testing needs. We take great care to protect your confidentiality while also offering detailed test results in record time.

Validity Genetics Legal Testing Kits