U.S. Immigration DNA Testing

Validity Genetics offers AABB certified DNA testing for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Department of Homeland Security, and meets U.S Embassy and Consulate VISA application processing requirements.  

US Immigration and Visa DNA Testing

Why do I have to take a DNA test for U.S. Immigration?

As part of U.S. immigration or visiting procedures, you may be requested to perform an immigration DNA test to prove that you are related to your relatives living in the United States, or related to an applicant. 

This is generally an administrative formality, but a crucial part of the VISA application process. 

These tests are different from other types of DNA tests and have stricter sample collection procedures. This is to ensure that people are not cheating the tests and no fraud is being committed during the process of gaining a U.S. VISA.

It’s important for you to request and perform all steps of the test correctly . Be sure you follow all the rules and procedures if you want your test results to be valid and legal. 


How can I request a Test?

How to request DNA testing

Immigration DNA tests can ONLY be legally completed at the request of U.S. Immigration (USCIS) or if a Consular Officer has requested the DNA Test.

The requesting letter or proof of request must be submitted to our laboratory and include:

  • Full legal name of each participant.

  • Date of birth for each participant.

  • Contact phone number for each participant.

  • Mailing address for each participant.

  • Notation of where the party is located (e.g. U.S., International, or both).

Can I do the test myself?

No, unfortunately you cannot administer the test yourself. 

At no time will the person(s) to be tested receive a test kit. There is a stringent chain of custody rules in effect and tests must be completely administered by an impartial third party.

Our laboratory will assist with the scheduling of appointments, the shipment of sample kits to and from U.S. Embassies or Consulates worldwide, and the release the official testing results to government authorities.

Please note that the test must be requested by U.S. Immigration. Do not request or purchase a DNA test for the purpose of immigration testing before receiving the requesting letter from the USCIS to do so. It will not be accepted by Immigration.

What does the testing cost?

While the cost starts at $495 the final price will vary depending on the location of the participant(s), amount of participants being tested, and if there are any excess shipping costs (out of country, etc).

Thing you will need before ordering

  • Written request from the USCIS or US Embassy/Consulate

  • Email address where we can send all critical forms

  • Information on the number of people to be tested and their geographical location

Our lab will contact you directly to talk about all the particulars and set up a time and place for you to give your DNA sample for analysis.


We offer a Quick Turnaround Time