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Are you interested in finding out if two men in your family are from the same family tree? Are you curious about your paternal ancestry for genealogy purposes?

A paternal lineage test may be right for you!

Validity Genetics offers fast, accurate, confidential, and inexpensive paternal lineage testing services from the comfort of your own home.

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How does the paternal lineage DNA test work?

Your direct paternal lineage is the line that follows your father’s paternal ancestry. This line consists entirely of men.

A Y-STR paternal lineage DNA test is possible because the Y chromosome is passed through generations of males, from father to son, without much change over time.

This Y-chromosome DNA marker can be used to trace your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and so on, back to a common paternal ancestor.

If two men both take a Y-STR paternal lineage DNA test, the results can offer the evidence needed to confirm or refute their relationship.

It’s important to note that only biological males are able to complete Y-STR testing. Females do not have a Y chromosome in their DNA.

How is the test used?

This paternal lineage DNA test checks for the Y-STR marker. The test results can conclude whether tested males are related and share a common male ancestor – confirming or disproving any suspicions.

This test is limiting in that it can’t pinpoint the exact relationship between the two males that are known to share a single paternal ancestry. It only determines whether two males share the same paternal Y-STR marker.

However, the test is helpful in excluding certain males from an alleged biological relationship.

If you are trying to prove the specific paternal relationship of an alleged father and son, please click here.


Helping to Prove Your Family History

Can the test be used to prove a relationship between brothers and uncles?

Yes! This type of test is helpful in cases where a family wants to compare the genetic Y-STR profiles of a male child and an alleged uncle. If the male child and alleged full brother of the father are both tested, then their profiles should match if they are from the same family tree.

If the profiles don’t match, that is a good indication that either the alleged uncle is not a biological uncle (and not from the same paternal family) or the father is not the child’s biological father.

This is especially useful in cases where the alleged father is not available for testing, but the alleged uncle of a child is!

Can I use the results to track my family history?

Yes! For those interested in genealogy testing and ancestral DNA, this test is also useful in other ways.

The Y-STR paternal lineage test results can help you:

  • Find genetic cousins along your paternal line.
  • Give you a direction to research in your ancestry and genealogy studies.

What types of samples are required?

The required samples are usually buccal (mouth) swabs. There are many other sample types possible but may require longer turnaround times and an additional fee.

Validity Genetics offers a fast turnaround on these confidential Y-STR paternal lineage tests and rush turnaround is also available at an additional cost.

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