About Us

Validity Genetics is a genetic testing leader in the US for home DNA Testing.

Validity Genetics, our office team and our laboratory, is made up of a group of professionals with over 100 years of combined quality laboratory and scientific research experience.  Using some of the most innovative and cutting edge technology we can provide unsurpassed quality in our products and data.

Why choose Validity Genetics?

Our laboratory has extensive certifications that place us ahead of the competition (including AABB, ISO 17025:2005, and ISO 9001:2008 compliant , A2LA, CAP, and many more). 

We strive to ensure you, our customers, both the highest accuracy and privacy for your DNA testing needs. We take great care to protect your confidentiality while also offering detailed test results in record time.

Our goal is to make this experience as easy, accurate, and as private for you as it can be.

To do so we offer a complete array of AABB and ISO compliant DNA testing services that can be done in the privacy of your own home, a doctors office of your choice, or anywhere you feel most comfortable!

Home and legal court admissible options are offered on all services (except Infidelity).

We have a network of professional collection sites across the country


We work with thousands of professional collection agencies and local partners across the nation. 

We add more all the time so there is always one close to you!

Contact Us to schedule a professional collection for your DNA test! (fees may apply)


Nationwide Professional DNA Collection Network Locations


Working with an AABB Accredited Lab Means We Offer the Highest Quality Test Results!