Infidelity DNA Testing

Validity Genetics offers fast, accurate, confidental, and inexpensive infidelity DNA testing services from the comfort of your own home

It’s not always easy to catch a cheater. If you’re suspicious that someone you’re in a relationship with may be unfaithful, you can take advantage of our infidelity DNA testing.

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DNA Infidelity Testing

How does it work?              

Infidelity can be difficult to prove, but if you need proof for yourself or others, forensic DNA testing is the best way to do so.

Depending on the test ordered our DNA analysts complete what is known as multiple gender testing (Autosomal) on the collected sample or stain. This determines whether the found genetic material belongs to a female or male.

Once the gender is determined, we will run a test against a sample of your own DNA – usually via a buccal (mouth) swab – to rule out the stain belonging to yourself.  If provided, we can also run it against a known sample from your partner.

Having both comparison samples and the samples in question in hand will allow the experts to determine whether the stain belongs to you, your partner, or someone else enitrely.

Can I use this test if my wife or girlfriend is cheating?

Our forensic experts are adept at analyzing bodily fluid and cells on clothing.

If you currently suspect that your girlfriend or wife is being unfaithful, our forensic DNA tests can get you the irrefutable proof you need to take things forward.

How can I prove that my husband or boyfriend is cheating?

We can check if there are female or male cells on your boyfriend’s or husband’s clothing.

If you beleive that your husband or boyfriend is cheating, our DNA tests can give you the answers you need and prove what you already knew intuitively.



What Test do You Need?

What are the different types of infidelity tests? What types do i need?

Advanced Infidelity test (Autosomal)

You may be looking to understand both the sample type and gain surety on whether the sample belongs to a specific known person. This will create a report containing all of the DNA profiles obtained from the samples, a write up of what was detected, and if there was a match or non-match with the reference swab submitted. This option tests for both male and female DNA.

Semen detection test

Our semen analysis is an optional stand-alone test which uses a four step process to can detect the presence of semen on or in a sample. This type of test only determines the presence of semen, but does not provide a DNA analysis.

saliva detection test

This optional stand-alone test will determine the presence of human saliva in a sample. This test does not provide a DNA analysis.

Complete Advanced Infidelity Test

This is the combination of both our Advanced Infidelity Test and a Semen Detection Test.  This analysis is highly recommended to obtain the most informative, accurate, and conclusive results.

What types of items can I use for sample collection?

The most common and helpful sources of a DNA test include things that can help prove a claim of adultery. These include samples like:

  • Used condom

  • Toothbrush

  • Feminine hygiene pads

  • Blood

  • Stained Sheets

  • Underwear and other clothing

  • Hair

This is not a complete list of sample sources. 

Other samples that might contain DNA include things like gum, dental floss, toothpicks, nail clippings, clothing, head coverings (like hats or bandanas), or any other items from which an expert can extract DNA. Contact us to make sure your sample can be used. An additional fee may be required based upon the type of sample submitted.

What Will The Infidelity DNA Test Results Show?

  • Our experts will determine if the sample is in fact human. Sometimes the material you find may not be human at all. It might be a leftover food stain, or some sample left by an animal or other pet.

  • Our infidelity tests will confirm whether the biological sample contains male DNA or female DNA, or a combination of both.

  • A DNA profile of the provided DNA swabs and any genetic material found on the samples.

  • We will compare the forensic biological samples to your provided DNA swab(s), and report if there is a match or not.

  • A Semen or Saliva Detection Test will only provide a report if the selected biological fluid is present. It will not provide a DNA profile.

Special note about old or degraded DNA samples

Is there an old article of clothing, hairs, or other object you swear aren't yours or your partners? Maybe you hid it somewhere and will use it to confront them.  Send them to us to test!

Degraded samples may still be useful. Because infidelity testing does not require a detailed profile workup, it’s possible that degraded samples can also be used to make infidelity determinations.  

Instructions on gathering evidence for Infidelity testing

It is extremely important that all to be tested evidence is handled as little as possible. Gloves are recommended to prevent any extraneous contamination.

To gather special samples, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Please label envelope with the following details (use one small envelope per sample):

  • Sample name or description

  • Collection Date

  • Approximate age of sample (date when it may have appeared or item last used)

Step 2: Prep the sample to be mailed:

  • If this is a clothing sample or fabric stain (for example a bed sheet) we recommend you send the entire item to our lab. Please indicate where the stain to be tested is*

    • If you decide the item is too large to send through the mail, the stained area may be cut out and mailed instead. Please leave one to two inches of space around the potential DNA

  • If this is a smaller item (toothbrush, hair follicles, condom, etc), make sure it dry (please allow to air dry. Do NOT use a hair dryer or any form of heating device to force it to dry) and can fit inside the labeled envelope

  • Do NOT place anything in plastic bags

Step 3: Seal samples inside labeled envelope:

  • Place the special samples into the envelope

  • Seal the envelope with tape

Step 4: Place samples together in a larger envelope and mail to our Laboratory:

  • Compile envelopes containing special samples, oral buccal swab samples, and the completed paperwork together into a larger mailing envelope

  • Mail to our laboratory using a traceable courier service (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc)

*clothing and fabric samples may be damaged or destroyed when tested

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