Paternity DNA Test - Blood Samples

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Paternity Testing 600x600.jpg

Paternity DNA Test - Blood Samples

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Home Paternity DNA Test includes:

  • Easy to follow instructions

  • 2 sterile buccal collection swabs per person

  • Sample envelopes for each person involved

  • Consent form

  • Prepaid return label to our laboratory (within the USA)

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Home Paternity Testing Kit - Blood Samples

99.9999% accuracy guaranteed!

The Informational Paternity DNA Test using blood samples will determine the likelihood that a male is the biological father of a child. Our standard test includes testing for one potential father and one child. While the test can be done with only the father and child, we strongly recommend testing the mother to increase the accuracy.

When ordered we will send you a kit with instructions on how to care for the blood samples, oral swabs and instructions on how to gather any additional oral swab samples needed (in cases where the blood is being tested against anothers DNA in which there is not a blood sample for), and a prepaid envelope to return the samples to our lab.

Our standard Paternity 2 Person Blood DNA Test includes testing for:

  • 1 Child

  • 1 Father

Our laboratory is fully AABB accredited and ISO certified and we test for 23 STR loci including gender ID markers to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of all DNA results.

Results will be ready in as little as 5 business days after our lab has received the samples.

*We mail our testing kits in discreet unmarked envelopes and may not appear as pictured.

Please Note: Due to New York health regulations DNA samples cannot be collected and tests cannot be mailed from inside the State of New York. Click here for Details