Fast, confidential, and accurate at-home DNA testing services.

Paternity testing

Paternity testing removes uncertainty and any lingering questions. With our 99.99% accurate paternity tests you can put any feelings of doubt to rest.

Personal DNA Profile

Every individual has a permanent and unique DNA profile that makes them who they are. Validity Genetics' kits can test for a variety of markers to help you accurately determine family relationships from the comfort of your own home.

Family Relationship Test

Is the alleged parent unavailable for testing, but the grandparents, aunts, or uncles of the child are? Our testing kits can determine family relationships without the missing parent.

Legal DNA Testing

Our laboratory is fully ISO compliant and AABB accredited with accuracy above and beyond the standards set for the US federal CODIS database. All of our legal DNA tests are court admissible in the US.

US Immigration

Our Lab is internationally accredited and works hand in hand with USCIS for DNA testing used in US Visa applications and families looking to emigrate to the United States.

prenatal Paternity and gender testing

Only available in our local area.  Email or call us for details.


Our legal and U.S. Government Immigration tests offer accurate analysis and are fully legal court admissible by our AABB accredited laboratory. Our testing kits ensure that you clearly and accurately establish a biological relationship to an individual for the purposes of U.S. immigration or arguments as part of your legal proceedings.